During the prehistoric era, humans were using marijuana.

As technology gets more advanced, scientists can find out much more about our past and history.

In fact, there's new evidence showing that people have been getting high for thousands of years.

According to nypost.com,

"An international team of archaeologists in western China unearthed the oldest evidence of prehistoric cannabis consumption."

"Researchers reveal that chemical testing of several unearthed artifacts suggests ritualistic weed smoking occurred at least 2,500 years ago. Their analysis of this also found that ancient cannabis plants contained a high level of psychoactive compounds never before seen at an archaeological site."

"Physical evidence of smoking up in ancient cultures has been limited until now, with little known about how and when the cannabis plant evolved to produce its psychoactive qualities."

"It can now go down in history as the “Stoned Age.”

Could you imagine getting the munchies back then?

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