This guy picked a bad day to wear his Green Bay Packers shirt......


As reported on, Andrew Meunier of Naples, FL was letting his dog out Tuesday evening when he came face to face with a four-foot bear. He noticed the bear standing next to him after he had stepped outside his home at 11PM.

Meunier said it was a struggle to get away from the bear, but he was able to get back inside of his home. The bear attack did give him minor face lacerations that required 41 stitches.  Meunier also said:

I’m just happy to be alive, It could’ve been a totally different story.

In a strange case of irony, Andrew Meunier deiced that wearing a Green Bay Packers shirt while doing all of his media coverage was lost on no one. Who knows if he was wearing this shirt during the attack. This goes to to show that the Packers/Bears rivalry runs so deep, even the animal kingdom gets in on it.

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