It's no secret, the NFL has some diehard fans. Sometimes a team's win or loss has a direct effect on fans' lives to an extreme level.

NFC Divisional Playoffs - San Francisco 49ers v Green Bay Packers
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It's been a weird year for the Green Bay Packers and their future Hall-of-Fame quarterback, Aaron Rodgers.

First, the offseason was filled with the possible disdain A-a-ron had with the organization. There were rumblings that Rod-gers wasn't a fan of the team's head coach. And, there was the whole vaccinations debacle.

It's fair to say Green Bay earned their ticket to the playoffs. Dare I say the team earned their shot?

Joking aside, the men in green and gold were just not good enough to beat San Fransico, though it was an exciting game.

Despite Green Bay's consistency with generations of elite quarterbacks, it was another year of disappointment. They've made it to the playoffs and won conference titles multiple times but Packer fans should realize their team has only one more Super Bowl victory than their rivals, the Chicago Bears.

I'm not the typical Bears fan who jumps at the chance to add salt to the wound when the Packers get a loss. I had plenty of opportunity after the game considering all the gloating prior to the game Saturday night which lead to silence after the game. Silence, not even crickets.

Cry, Cry, Cry

I have one friend who took a bus from Illinois up to Green Bay and received no response when I asked how quickly the trip back was.

Then, I saw this the next morning.

Here's a slightly older fan shedding a tear over a Green Bay loss from 2012.

As a fan who is repeatedly left with disappointment at the end of the ever Bears season for almost my entire life, I promise, Packer-backers, life will go on.

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