Single or not, you need a new bae in your life... a 'baecon' blanket.

You know what's funny? I feel like a lot of people I know are having a rough week. Whether at work or at home, there has been some struggling going on and today we have the chance to win something to ease that stressful struggle... a weighted blanket covered in bacon.

Obvs it's not really covered in bacon, but photos of bacon which is probably better because who wants a greasy blanket?

You better believe I'm entering this contest. First off, I love bacon. Second it's really cold in Rockford right now and third I've been wanting to buy a weighted blanket for a while but don't really love the colors I've seen.

So clearly I need this.

All we have to do to enter is tweet #CuffOscar and #Sweepstakes to win the #BAEconBlanket.

I'll see ya on Twitter.

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