If you don't like the taste of a gingerbread house, Oreo has a different version you might enjoy.

When I was a kid, my Mom always wanted me to help her make a gingerbread house for the holidays. I always refused because not only did I dislike the taste but I also couldn't stand the smell. For some strange reason, it grossed me out.

I wish this style was available back then.

Twitter page...

According to mystateline.com,

"The ever-popular gingerbread house may have some competition this holiday season. Oreo is now selling an “Oreo Holiday Chocolate Cookie House” at stores for $10."

“This kit includes everything you need to build and decorate your very own OREO holiday chocolate cookie house. It comes with pre-baked chocolate cookie pieces, pre-made icing, OREO Cookies, OREO Mini Cookies, fruity gummies, and candy jewels. Just open the box and start building!” 

I might have to get one of these.


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