Now that I have your attention, take a deep breath and let's dip this story in milk.

Photo - Townsquare Media

In 1953 Oreo production began in Chicago, this last Friday the final cookie rolled off the production line.

Oreo Cookies will still be made, relax people just not in Chicago.

According to Chicago Tribune the Chicago plant Mondelez, will continue to make other yummy goodies such as BelVita breakfast biscuits and Mini Chips Ahoy. The iconic Oreo will continue to be made in three different plants in America.

So here's the eyebrow raiser people, they are moving the Oreo assembly line to Mexico. Around one half of the 1200 workers at the Chicago plant have already been laid off.

Donald Trump has even added his two cents about the move to Mexico, something about never eating an Oreo again because of the move out of Chicago, sure.

On that note let's watch Lori eat Oreo's blindfolded: