Last week I had the honor of introducing you to a Hometown Hero, and Beloit firefighter, named Casey Bellard who constantly goes above and beyond his call of duty. Last week I also explained how much I respect the work people like Casey do, and the sacrifices they make every day to keep us safe.

The things first responders see on the job is something I know I could never handle day in and day out, and I am not ashamed to say this week's Hometown Hero nomination letter brought me to tears.

It was sent by a Dakota, IL resident named Michelle Bowen who wanted to nominate the entire Orangeville Volunteer Fire Department as heroes. Here is the reason why;

I feel the Orangeville Volunteer Fire Department as a whole, should be recognized as heroes. This week, as the tones go off in the middle of the night, they responded to a fully engulfed house fire. Very sadden to say, they carried out an adult and child that didn’t survive and another child that died later at the hospital. People don’t always realize the work and commitment that goes into volunteer firemen. These men pour out their heart and souls taking care of the community, while having a full time job and still caring for their own family.  No one is ever ready to face tragedies and deal with them first hand. It is a tough job, but they do it and do it well. Hats off to the other departments that were called in for help and many prayers to the families of this tragedy! Let’s show our appreciation by recognizing these men during this heartfelt time.

The members of the Orangeville Volunteer Fire Department who responded to that tragic call most likely did not know the family that lived in the house, but I know they are grieving. Firefighters are not immune to tragedies, they just know they need to power through, and for that reason, and so many more, they are true superheroes.

As a small token of appreciation, we are giving the Orangeville Volunteer Fire Department a $100 Amazon gift card thanks to our friends at Gustafson's Furniture & Mattress. I hope they can put it towards buying something that will make the whole department smile.

Do you have an extraordinary story or person to tell us about? Please nominate them as next week's Hometown Hero here.

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