An Illinois woman donates $45 million to the opera after she dies.

I've heard stories of people leaving their fortunes to charities in their will. If they don't have any family to give an inheritance, I think it's a great idea.

Opera isn't mainstream entertainment, so sometimes getting the funding could be difficult. Good thing this woman in Illinois who was a huge supporter of the genre made sure she took care of her local organization after her passing.

According to,

"Phyllis Brissenden of Springfield liked the opera. Actually, Brissenden more than liked the opera. She loved it. Until her death last month, Brissenden was a founder and life board member of the Opera Theatre of St. Louis. She drove to St. Louis to see each performance as many times as possible. And as a final gesture, she bequeathed the Opera Theater of St. Louis $45 million, the largest financial gift in the organization’s history and believed to be one of the largest ever for an American opera company."

Now, that's a feel-good story.

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