I think it's safe to say that we've probably had a "bad" drinking experience at some point. You smell a certain liquor or someone mentions whiskey and you just go, "oh hell no".

According to VICE there are some amazing stories of people getting so drunk, that they end up in foreign countries.

I got off the plane smelling of Jägerbombs and Joop! Homme aftershave from the previous night, and called my parents. My dad advised me to spend a few days there, so I booked a return flight for three nights later and spent the following days exploring Barcelona, speaking to people and enjoying the weather and the food. I'd then go back to my hotel after dinner to wash my clothes in the shower, as I had no spares.

In general, my trip taught me to enjoy my own company and not worry about what others think. After all, if it doesn't kill you or put you in prison, how bad can it really be? That's my new motto. – Alex, from England


Drink responsibly and don't end up like this dude...or maybe you want to.




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