Located in Chicago is one of the coolest bars in the world.

There Are A Lot Of Bars In The World

Okay, so think about this. How many bars are in your neighborhood or that part of town? I am sure there are quite a few.

Now, think about how many bars there are in Rockford, Winnebago County, and the state of Illinois. Then add in Chicago.

Expand that list to the United States, North America, and then the world. I could not even begin to imagine how many bars are actually located throughout the whole planet.

There are so many different kinds. What makes one better than another? Is there a way to actually find out the best ones in the world? It sounds like an almost impossible task.

Well, someone had figured out a way to rate them. Of course, they are located all over the world. There is one that made the list that is just down the road in Chicago.

I am not surprised because there are so many cool places to hang out in the city.

How Do You Figure Out Which Is The Best

What are the categories to determine a higher or lower rating?

According to timeout.com,

"What makes a bar cool? Is it the magnetic vibes, the curated playlist, the next-level cocktail menu, or the jaw-dropping design details? For us, it's all of the above – and then some."

With the help of experts from around the world, this list of the coolest bars in the world was created.

Chicago was one of the few cities in the world with a bar that made the list.

Why Is Osito's Rated So High At The Coolest Bar List

First of all, the place has a secret entrance behind Moreno's Liquors in the Little Village neighborhood of Chicago. It is actually considered a speakeasy. The bar and log are taken after the owner's pet Chihuahua.

The drink menu consists of lots of tequila-related drinks with lots of special ingredients. Plus, they serve some tasty Mexican dishes. The decor has an old-school bar feel to it.

Video: Osito's Tap Is the Only Speakeasy in Little Village, Chicago | My Go-To

I think I will have to visit the place myself to see if it lives up to its reputation.

For more info, HERE.

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