So you're looking for the perfect dessert on a summer night... look no further, it's right here in Rockford just across the river.

Dessert is my life, you know this, I know you do. I've said it a million times, it's way more important to me than anything else, it just makes me happy.... unless it's terrible.

Don't try to tell me it's not a big deal if I order dessert and it's bad. The ice cream tastes like ice... the tiramisu is frozen... the cake is dry... the donuts are hard as a rock... that's all happened to me and I wasn't a happy camper.

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Which is why, when I see a menu with just one dessert option I am a little hesitant.

Just one? Really? And I'm supposed to order dessert here?

However.. as previously mentioned in my chocolate discovery this weekend, I spent the weekend with my also dessert loving niece and she wanted to explore and eat so when I took her to one of my favorite downtown Rockford restaurants, Octane, and they had just one dessert on the menu, I thought, I'm prepared to take this risk.

And oh were we rewarded!

HOLY COW. This donut dessert was incredible. I mean just looking at it, I know you know it was so good.

According to the menu the dessert is: Donut Holes, house made sourdough donut with nutella and cinnamon wanton crisp.

According to us, the donuts were purely amazing. I lucked out because Madeline only wanted three of them. And you bet I'll be back for more.

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