If you've been everywhere this summer and you're looking for something a little off the beaten path, you should probably consider this place.

It seems like the kind of place where cell service is at a minimum if at all.

So if you're attached to your phone this might not be the place for you. On second thought, bring your phone, because you're probably going to want to take pictures.

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According to Best Life and their 50 Beautiful Off-the-Grid Places in the US You Should Visit, Schoolhouse Beach in Wisconsin is a top destination.

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Best Life:

Love the beach but hate tracking sand back to your car? Wisconsin's Schoolhouse Beach, on the shores of Lake Michigan, swaps powdery dunes for smooth, glacier-polished pebbles. Since there are only five such beaches the world over, there is one strict rule to follow: Don't even think about pocketing any rocks on your way out.

Wait, what? There are only five of these types of beaches in America and one of them is right under our noses?

It's part of the Niagra Escarpment which is according to Door County Coastal Byway:

 a geological foundation that stretches from New York state through Niagara Falls (where it got its name) then through the Bruce Peninsula (which splits the two lobes of Lake Huron), across the lower part of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, defines the geography of Door County and continues through the east side of Lake Winnebago and the Horicon Marsh to terminate in northern Illinois, where it is no longer visible. Not to be too technical, the Escarpment was formed when glaciers one to two miles thick gouged out soft shale and left harder dolomite exposed. These glaciers gave shape to the Great Lakes, the world’s largest single supply of fresh water.

Got it? I mean, I had to read that about three times before I understood. It's fine if you didn't. Here's what you need to know, the beach is pretty, don't take the rocks because you'll get fined and it's about 5 hours or so by vehicle from Rockford.

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