Today while looking at random things online I found a batch of commercials from 1980 that aired here in Rockford. Most are pretty bad, to say the least. Cheap, phony, and hilarious.

With lines like "For the looks that get looks" and "This rock won't burn...Keep trying Ted" you're definitely getting a few laughs. Heck, you might even remember some of these. I was born in '86 so I definitely don't. I have heard some horror stories from waterbed owners though. I can guarantee they would be yelling at the group of people who piled into the waterbed in that commercial. I do wish that I could go back and grab some furniture at these 1980 prices though. How about this commercial giving away scholarship money? Were you one of the winners?

Going back to watch old movies and/or commercials is a ton of fun. Seeing how outdated the graphics were. Seeing old styles you never thought would be a thing. It's a blast. Thankfully though, it's in the past.

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