Have you seen the new funny commercial for the Illinois Governors race?

I was watching the Chicago Bears game on Sunday. There was a timeout, so they went to a commercial break. A political ad came on and I thought to myself, "Oh no, here it comes... it's that time of year when politicians start bombarding us with their spots all over media."

This was different. It actually made me laugh out loud. I don't care what your political views are, what party you support, or what side you land on. If you live in Illinois, you have to think this commercial is hilarious.

Video: Illinois Political Commercial "Thanks Mike" Re-elect Bruce Rauner for Governor Of Illinois.

The state of Illinois is a mess right now. There are so many problems. Sometimes you have to laugh, so you don't cry. I think that might be the case here.

I think we are in for a wild ride with the race for Governor of Illinois.

"With more than a year to go before the next election, the three richest candidates for governor have raised a combined total of more than $102 million for their campaigns."

"It’s possible that this gubernatorial race may surpass the record $280 million spent in the California governor’s race in 2010."

That's a whole lot of political ads we're going to be seeing. Hopefully, they will stick with the funny. Otherwise, this is going to be a long year.

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