This is not your typical lost and found item in Rockford.

People in Rockford lose things everyday. They find stuff too.

You hope if you lose something, that someone will return it to you. In turn if you find an item, hopefully you do whatever you can to find the owner.

It's a lot easier nowadays because of the internet. You can use social media and other websites to find your lost object or discover the owner of it.

This lost and found item article was posted on Rockford Scanner's Facebook page.

Headline... "RS Fan Reporting Headstones Tossed Into A Rockford Yard"

Post... RS Fan: "The corner of 9th street and 15th ave. Two headstones are tossed in a abandoned house yard. The names on the headstones are: Eleanor Spottswood & Robert Spottswood. We have tried to tell the police a few times & they won't respond. Maybe you can post? Feel bad for loved ones who may not know. Rockford Police act like we a crackpots." 

You are probably thinking, how does this even happen? Tombstones are heavy and put in the ground. So, how does someone pull this off?

Was it Zombies? Grave robbers who got spooked? Or is this some sort of new type of crime in Rockford?

Hopefully, they will find where they belong.


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