These 6 saying are for Illinois people only. You could say these to a group of people from outside of the Land of Lincoln, but you will get nothing but blank stares. Pinterest

We have sayings, a special kind of slang, and even an accent according to people in other parts of the country. I really don't know about the accent part, but the rest is true. The majority of our comments/saying that tell our Illinois story are about the weather. This is so true, though...Saturday I was in the pool and Sunday I was wearing a hooded sweatshirt.

So let's run these 6 "Illinois Only" saying by you and see what you think. I've heard them all at some point in my life, or at least versions of them. Anything about the constantly changing weather is pretty legit. OK. here we go...

  • Don't like the weather, wait 10 minutes - This one is so true. Have the yard work planned, oh no where did those clouds come from?
  • You know what "Knee high by the 4th of July" means. - Corn people this is a cornfield comment. I think it every time I drive past one this time of year. 
  • We have 2 seasons, Winter and Construction. - I love this one, so true! LOL
  • Family Vacation means the Wisconsin Dells - Heck ya! With great waterparks so close, this is 100% true.
  • You have bee trick-or-treating in the snow. - Multiple times as a kid.
  • Mother Nature: You can't fit all four seasons into a week. Illinois: Hold my beer

These are so good, so true, so Illinois.

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