Back in July an Illinois man heard a loud "boom" outside of his home, and obviously got very curious. His family was eating lunch at the time, and knew that something hit their house. Yahoo

Patrick Devitt stated that even though the family heard something hit the home, they didn't really do much about it, let's just finish lunch lol. About 30 minutes later, Patrick's father-in-law walked outside to see what happened. What he stumbled upon was quite interesting.

 “Maybe like a half hour later my father-in-law walks outside and finds a slide in the backyard. A very, very large slide.” - Patrick Devitt 

This wasn't a swing set slide, but an emergency evacuation slide that fell from the sky! Yep, a United Airlines flight overhead, making it's way to O'Hare International Airport dropped an emergency evacuation slide from the plane and it landed in Patrick's backyard. The slide actually hit the home, damaging roof shingles, a kitchen window screen and also a gutter downspout.

The maintenance workers at O'Hare made the discovery when the plane landed...Wait, there's no emergency evacuation slide with this plane. Oops.

“We immediately contacted the FAA and are working with our team to better understand the circumstances around this matter.” - United Airlines spokesperson

I can't imagine these types of things just go missing, it's not like they were missing luggage...

Luckily no one was hurt, the emergency slide was found and an Illinois family has a great lunchtime story.


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