Sammy Sosa from the Chicago Cubs along with Mark McGwire from the St. Louis Cardinals and their battle for the home run record will be featured in an ESPN documentary.

I've talked about it quite a bit. I'm a big fan of documentaries. Especially, if they're music or sports-related.

There are been some good ones out lately. My top three are "The Last Dance," "Tiger King," and "The Pretender." I'm waiting patiently for what's next.

After the success of the Chicago Bulls series about their sixth championship, I've seen a lot of discussion on social media about what Chicago sports team, player, or event should be covered next.

Well, we've got an answer. It's Sammy Sosa from the Chicago Cubs with his rival from the Cardinals and their chase to break the major league baseball all-time home run record.

It happened in 1998 and that was a great summer for baseball.

According to,

"One of three new films announced this week by ESPN includes “Long Gone Summer,” which chronicles Cubs outfielder Sammy Sosa and Cardinals first baseman Mark McGwire’s pursuit of Roger Maris’ major league home run record."

The pair made baseball fun again. It brought me back to the game. I broke up with it in 1994 when the league went on strike.

That year, the Chicago White Sox had an excellent team. They had a good chance of going to the World Series. The strike destroyed those hopes. The next year just wasn't the same. I was angry and boycotted the MLB after that.

Then in the summer of '98, Sosa hit twenty homers in June. That hooked me back in. Cubs games turned into must-see TV. The team was good. Sosa versus McGwire was amazing.

Sammy ended up losing to Mark's record-breaking 70 to 66, but it didn't matter. Plus, the Cubs made the playoffs. I was rocking the number twenty-one jersey.

A few years later, steroids would tarnish the accomplishment but that can't take away the excitement of the 1998 baseball season.

I can't wait to watch it.


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