Not everyone gets drunk on New Year's Eve, but make sure to wear your yellow underwear.

Michael Flippo, ThinkStock
Michael Flippo, ThinkStock

Ringing in the New Year is my favorite holiday of the year. Each year, my family get together to celebrate Christmas and the New Year in one jam packed evening. It is usually accompanied by a theme. For example, one year we did 'Rock and Roll' New Year where we dined on Fleetwood Mac and Cheese, Buns and Roses and Ribeye of the Tiger.

This year, we decided to do a 'Blues Brothers' New Year. We will watch the movie of course, while sipping on our Orange Whips eating fried chicken and dry white toast.

Most of us in the United States plan an event with friends and family either at home or out at the trendiest clubs and pubs. Either way, the cocktails are flowing and designated drivers shake their heads at the disbelief of their intoxicated pals.

Buzzfeed had an awesome list of Weird New Year's Eve Traditions from Around the World. Some weird, yes... and some just genius. Here are some of my favorites:

My single friends will love what they do in Argentina, they wear brand-new pink underwear to attract love.

All new moms will not enjoy what they do in Australia, which is bang around on pots and pans in the streets at midnight.

Chile is not where I will be at midnight on New Year's Eve because I hate beans. Chileans eat a spoonful of lentils at midnight in hope for a year filled with money and work. Chileans also sweep their homes inside out to remove bad energy. Eh, it's like spring cleaning at midnight.

If your resolution for 2015 is to travel more, take a note from Colombia. They walk around their blocks with empty suitcases for a year full of travel.

My mother would hate this tradition, but my father pretty much already does it. Turn on all the lights in the house to ward off evil spirits like they do in the Philippines. In the Philippines they also open all the doors, cabinets and windows and run around shutting them after it hits midnight.

Russians like to drink, and their tradition is not much different. Write down a wish on a piece of paper. Then, burn it and throw it in your champagne glass. Then drink it down before 12:01.

If you don't have brand new pink panties like they do in Argentina for love, wear your yellow undies for 'good luck' like they do in Venezuela.

How will you be spending New Year's Eve?

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