"Woke Hasbro" is back for round three.

Last year, Hasbro created Monopoly for Millennials, with contrived, overdone jokes about not being able to afford property and a rule that whoever had the most debt in real life got to go first.

Then last month, Hasbro created Monopoly Socialism, with contrived, overdone jokes about outdated technology and, for some reason, vegan meatloaf.

And they're not done, because now they're rolling out Ms. Monopoly The big twist is it fixes the wage gap by giving female players more money than male players to start, and pays them more when they pass Go.

Now, unlike the other two, this one actually seems like it was made in good faith, not just to mock people. Instead of buying properties, you buy things invented by women, like Wi-Fi and chocolate chip cookies.

And in honor of the game, Hasbro donated around $20,000 to three teenage female inventors to help them out.

Anyway, if you're interested, the game is available for pre-order now and it retails for $19.99 at Wal-mart. It should hit stores sometime in the next few weeks.

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