The city of Rockford has come up with its recreational marijuana sales tax plan.

I'm realistic when it comes to the reasoning behind weed being legalized in Illinois. It's all about the money. All the cities, towns, counties, townships, politicians, businesses, and the state are trying to get their piece.

Here's Rockford's chance to get a little financial help.

According to,

"Finance Committee members are recommending City Council impose a 3% sales tax on recreational marijuana. Under Illinois state law, municipalities can impose a sales tax of up to 3% on gross recreational marijuana receipts. Imposing the tax now ensures that the city will be in a position to collect taxes on the sale of recreational marijuana starting Jan. 1 when a relatively slow rollout of the new law is expected to unfold. City Council could vote on the measure next week."

At this point, the city isn't making any guesses on how much money the cannabis tax will bring in and they aren't including the revenue in their budget.

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