It might be a little early to say, 'tis the season,' but actually it's totally the season to start planning for a job that you might be working during the holiday season.

Enter Amazon.

Not only are they the biggest online retailer like ever, but Amazon is also pretty big when it comes to hiring.

According to AP News, Amazon is planning to hire over 30,000 people in the next few months.

Those 30,000 people will be hired for all sorts of jobs. From software engineers to warehouse staff.

You know Amazon is a busy place, so you can guarantee if you're hired you will be a busy bee working your butt off, but they pay pretty good too.

The warehouse staff makes at least $15 an hour to pack and ship Amazon's famous online orders.

So how do you get the job?

Head to Chicago on September 17 for Amazon Career Day.

Amazon's hiring event will take place across the country on the 17th with a huge hiring event in Chicago.

Amazon Career Day info is waiting for you right here.

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