As Americans, we're going to spend around $30 billion on Valentine's Day and all that comes with it. Here's what a survey says Illinoisans are spending it on.

A new survey breaks it all down when it comes to what we're eating, what we're buying, and where we're buying it ahead of Thursday's big day.

Here in Illinois, as far as Valentine's Day treats go, is what we'll be enjoying in order of preference:

  • Chocolate (22%)
  • Cinnamon hearts (14%)
  • Cupcakes (11%)

What we'll be spending:

  • 35% say they'll drop between $1 and $50
  • 8% will spend between $151 and $200
  • 39% say they'll be spending zip, zero, nada (or, as a co-worker put it, "married people.")

What we'll be purchasing as gifts in Illinois:

  • Chocolate/candy (25%)
  • Flowers (12%)
  • Skincare (9%)

Where we'll do our shopping:

  • 26% say Target
  • 14% say Amazon
  • 11% say Walmart

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