By Friday, you will have had so much turkey in your belly just the thought of eating more of the same makes you sick.

Sorry, that's me projecting, but honestly, by the time Thanksgiving is over, I don't want to think about another turkey until next November.

Thankfully, there's a new food truck featuring a food that I've never eaten before, and you know what, I absolutely love it.

The judgment on the food will have to wait but man, do I love trying new foods.

Susan's Pupusas celebrated a grand opening weekend on November 15 and 16 and their signature dish, a pupusa, looks amazing. Wait, what? What is a pupusa?

A beloved  Salvadoran dish made of  a thick corn tortilla and stuffed with a savory filling.  You just mix together masa flour, salt, and water to make up the dough and then you can add in any kind of savory filling—typical options include beef, beans, cheese, and pork. These masa cakes are an authentic Salvadoran street food and are a great option for entertaining. Pupusas are often served with curtido, a fermented cabbage relish, which usually includes carrots, onions, spices, and garlic.

A pupusa sounds like something I need in my life, but first, what does everyone else think?

love love love them! It's the litte things that count but besides the food being great, the attentiveness was beyond. I had my two year old with me in the car and they went out to my car and hand delivered them to me so I wouldn't have to get my son out. Definitely recommending! The pupusas were warm and tasted great!

There are more reviews from others who, for the first time tried a pupusa, and each one was raving.

There's only one problem, Susan's Pupusas doesn't seem to have a schedule for future dates, at least one that I could easily find.

With the holidays and winter rapidly approaching I wonder if we will see the truck out before the end of the year.

Regardless, I'll be keeping up with Susan's Pupusas on Facebook and Instagram waiting to cure my "too much turkey" blues.

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