Hold the phone, there's a new food truck in town and the burgers look delicious. 

Not just the burgers though, the entire menu.

Ok. so, we know Rockford is home to some of the best food in Illinois, like literally, look around, Rockford has the goods, but one of the best things about Rockford is the food trucks!

Seriously, look around, Rockford is home to a ton of food trucks and every time you turn around another truck is popping in and we are a-ok with that.

Most recently, as in like literally yesterday... the newest truck hit the road, Sizz N Fizz.

Sizz N Fizz isn't just a new food truck, it's a food truck from the brains and kitchens of Prairie Street Brewing Company.

Smart move Prairie Street, we see you.

The signature Sizz burger is a double patty smash burger with American cheese, 'sizzy sauce,' griddled onions and shredded lettuce on a Hawaiian Bun. If you're not into actual meat, you can get the Sizz burger with a plant-based patty.




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And they have chicken nuggz too...

And cheese curds...

Right now, Sizz N Fizz is planning to be at Prairie Street on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, in the parking lot and at City Market on Friday nights.

What item do you want to try first?

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