Feast your eyes on a never before seen photo of Buffalo Springfield, Neil Young and Stephen Stills performing in an underground nightclub in what may be Wheaton, IL.

I belong to a slew of different community Facebook groups and while perusing around I ran right into one of the most amazing photos I have ever seen.

Rare photo of buffalo springfield, neil young and steven stills
Courtesy of Courtney Boyers

Here is Buffalo Springfield, Neil Young (far left) and Stephen Stills (far right) playing at an underground nightclub in 1968.

The photo was posted on the Wheaton Moms Facebook group and it caused quite a stir among our fellow Rock and Roll lovers!

Courtney, who posted the photo, along with others from the community have all chimed in on how amazing it is.

Courtney's mother, said from what she remembers, she saw the epic performance on Front Street in Wheaton, Illinois in 1968. The venue quite possibly could be the Cellar Bistro. But that isn't known for sure.

Others members of the group have continued to comment on the photo trying to find out exactly where this piece of history was taken.

A few members have suggested the possible location of the venue.

Sarah suggested it could maybe be where Westside Improv's studio is, or maybe Tasting De'vine which has a basement in the building.

That idea was debunked after Jessica pointed out that the basement there is too small.

Kathy went to trusted Google and saw that on May 13, 1967, Buffalo Springfield played a show with the Chicago band, Shady Daze at a place called The Cellar in Arlington Heights.

Is that where this photo was taken? Do you have any insight to the exact location and date it was taken? Did you see this show!? If so let me know in the comments below.

I don't know when this could have been taken, but I do know this is one incredible photograph.


I received a very special update from Jackie Slowiak Ripley. Her brother Douglas Slowiak is the one that took this photo! She says:

My brother, Douglas Slowiak, took this, and other photos, during the 60s. This photo was taken at the Cellar in Arlington Heights in 1967. Back in the 60s, Northlake, where we went to high school, was considered a bad-ass town and if your ID listed Northlake, you weren't allowed at the Cellar, or other venues, in the western suburbs. Except for Doug, who became a familiar face at the Cellar and was allowed access with his camera (there were few camera restrictions back then). So I had to stand outside with my Northlake Friends, while my brother and our friend, Cyndy, enjoyed a now legendary band rock out!

Jackie you rock! Thanks for solving the mystery and sharing another one of your brother's photos!

Buffalo Springfield
Courtesy of Douglas Slowiak