A man in Wisconsin has been confusing flyers for over 30 years.

Watching out the window of an airplane is magical.

Whenever I fly out of Midway Airport, I look intently towards the ground as the plane begins to pick up speed. I look for landmarks near where I grew up. I've found a few here or there, but have yet to find my childhood home.

I quite enjoy seeing all the familiar places.

Same goes for touchdown. When the plane approaches whichever destination I'm flying to, I like to see the scenery below.

Now imagine for a moment you are flying into Milwaukee. You open the window, as you are lucky enough to have a window seat, and you look down.

In giant white letters you see "Welcome to Cleveland."

Are you panicking yet!? You check your bill and see how many cocktails you've had before your flight, you wonder how in the world you got on the wrong plane in the first place and you are tempted to call over the stewardess.

Ha! Get a good laugh, because the joke is on you.

According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Mark Gubin, a local artist, has an art studio in a building that used to hold a movie theater.

In 1978, his assistant noticed the low-flying planes and said it would be nice to make a sign welcoming everyone to Milwaukee.

Instead, Gubin decided to paint a different welcome sign on the roof.

He used a simple roller with white paint and made 6 foot tall letters for all flyers to see.


Welcome to Cleveland sign
Google Maps

This quite possibly could be the longest running joke in town.

Bravo Gubin, you sure have an awesome sense of humor.

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