What makes a driver happy? Low cost! You won't believe who makes the Top 5.

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I drive more than the average human on the planet each day. Well, with the exception of truck drivers. Am I happy? I suppose so... but where did Illinois rank on the list?

Bankrate.com has broken down what car ownership costs by each state with data provided by two different sources. Price is determined with prices of gasoline, repairs and insurance.

Who is the least expensive (happiest) state for car ownership? The results may surprise you!

Here are the top five least expensive states for car ownership:

  1. Iowa $1,942
  2. Ohio $1,973
  3. Illinois $1,999
  4. Idaho $2,001
  5. Wisconsin $2,018

And the most expensive:

  1. Wyoming $2,705
  2. Louisiana $2,555
  3. Florida $2,516
  4. Mississippi $2,487
  5. New Jersey $2,421

Next time you are road raging and cursing out your fellow drivers, remember to smile! Be happy you aren't in Wyoming!