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It's National Pizza Day and we are going to go BIG, as in the biggest pizza in the entire state of Illinois. People get these giant heart shaped boxes of candy for Valentine's Day, there are oversized birthday cards, so why not thirty two inch pizza....dig in!

So here are the top three biggest pizzas in Illinois for this tremendous holiday. If you don't feel like road trippin' in this cold weather, hold onto your napkins for #1 it's a lot closer.

#3 Galita Pizza -  Round Lake, Illinois

This place is popular for serving a 30 by 14 "football" shaped pizza. 

#2 Pop's Pizzeria - Quincy, Illinois

This place serves up a buffet so you can eat until you explode, or you can dive right into their 32 inch pizza.

#1 Mama Mia's - Rockford, IL

This spot is located blocks away from 96.7 The Eagle. This challenge has been accepted by the Eagle staff and we failed horribly. "The Don" is a 32 inch pizza, you have 45 minutes to make it all vanish. I think the three of us MAYBE took down 1/4 of it. The pizza is delicious first off, and every piece is super filling. 

There are so many great pizza locations in Rockford and the surrounding area, so if you don't feel like going big...other options are there.

This is one of those weird holidays I can get behind for sure. Enjoy!

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