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Leave it to smart people to even figure out a theory for less dog poop. Your genius is showing, University of Illinois!

From StudyFinds comes a way to pick up 66% less dog poop from your furry friend. This sounds like I'm selling you something on an late night t.v. commercial, "That's right, 66% less poop!!!"

So here's the trick, or the less poop trick...Feed your four-legged friend dog food that has "human-grade ingredients." That's it, no magic pill, do money back limited time offer...Better quality dog food.

“Based on past research we’ve conducted I’m not surprised with the results when feeding human-grade compared to an extruded dry diet,  however, I did not expect to see how well the human-grade fresh food performed, even compared to a fresh commercial processed brand.” - Kelly Swanson University of Illinois 

In the research that was done, dog food with good human ingredients like rice, chicken, broccoli, beef, and carrots was given to a dog during a four week diet. The other dined on kibbles. The poopy research showed that the kibble dog produced anywhere from 1.5 to 2.9 times more poo poo. Not only are you getting a healthier dog in general with the human ingredients, you are picking up less number two.

A healthy gut leads to a healthy mutt...what an amazing line. Give your friend a healthier scoop, to pick up less poop. You're welcome.

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