With "National Donut Day" approaching, let's take a look at what Illinois is snacking on...for sure not what I was thinking! MROELECTRIC

So here's how this donut survey was done. I mean, they could hire me to drive state to state and sample...Just an idea.

To find out which type of donut was the most popular in each state, we compiled a list of commonly eaten donuts across the U.S. and looked at 25 donut-type keywords on Google Trends from May 2018 to 2023. - MROELECTRIC

Donuts, yum. There is something special about coming to work, going to visit friends, maybe making a road trip, and knowing that there will be donuts involved. Truly there doesn't have to be a time of day for these bad boys either. Sure that breakfast donut is a thing, but there is a reason that why a bunch of donut shops are open 24/7.

It’s clear that donuts have become more than just a breakfast treat—they’ve become an iconic and beloved symbol of indulgence, comfort, and pure culinary delight. - MROELECTRIC 

So state by state, what are the favorites? Also, why in the heck does Illinois like Coconut Donuts? There is is people...Spoiler alert, I just blew it. Illinois likes Coconut Donuts. What in the world. This is actually kinda upsetting to me. With all of the great donut choices, coconut?

Let's take a look at some other states, that I might move to because of donut choices.

California - Old Fashioned

Florida - Vanilla Frosted

Arizona - Chocolate

Utah - Chocolate

North Dakota - Glazed donuts 

Alaska - Bear Claw

...and Illinois, Coconut. Eww. Gross. I'll pass.

Check out this entire map:

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