An Illinois man on the run from the law, hid out inside a stinky dumpster! Eww! WPSD 

Well this stinks, literally.  A Cairo, Illinois was pulled over and the driver jumped out the vehicle and took off running.

After police pulled the man's blue Cadillac Escalade over after midnight, three men got out and took off running. Officers chased one of the men through a field and and came upon a fence line with three dumpsters.

Corey D. Williams of Cairo, IL was found inside one of the dumpsters hiding out with a backpack. It's dark, it's after midnight, and Corey saw three dumpsters to hide out in. It's like playing the shell game...Dumpster 1,2, or 3...Which is it going to be? Hopefully this one was filled with dirty diapers and old egg salad sandwiches.

There was a whole lot happening inside this backpack! Inside was found 505 grams of cocaine, 468 grams of illegal cannabis and over $1000 in cold hard cash.

The two other suspects were not located, and were not identified. But Mr. Williams is in a whole bunch of trouble. He was arrested and being held on counts of manufacture and delivery of a controlled substance.

I wonder if this was a Pokemon backpack that Corey was wearing? Those are rare and hid to find. Don't know if they would hold 1000 grams of packaged drugs and cash in them...But maybe, just maybe.


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