Could you send a day without your phone? What about your devices?

Maksym Yemelynov

Today is the day if you'd like to take the pledge to "unplug" from your devices. Don't worry it's not a permanent thing, but who hasn't thought about not touching their phone for a day. Sometimes I miss going to the store without being able to be reached by phone. brings up an excellent point, how much of our lives are we missing because our noses are in our phones. What is this teaching our kids? I'll admit to giving my toddler the tablet just so I can have some time to myself. Or even telling my 7-year-old to go play some Minecraft for the same reason.

If you were to take the pledge, you'd have to stay off of all devices from sunup to day until sundown tomorrow. Since I'm already guilty of being on some form of technology today, I'll have to choose a different day. I should try to "unplug" Saturday after I'm off the air at 2PM and not "plug" back in until Sunday evening after I put my girls to bed.

So do you think you could "unplug" for 24 hours?

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