In my Rockford neighborhood, the house next door has started using their pool.

In the summer, I enjoy swimming to cool off on a hot day. Unfortunately, I don't have my own pool. My yard isn't quite made for it. I have to somewhere else to relax in the water.

I appreciate anyone who has a pool around here. They're a lot of work to keep up. Plus, there's a short window for use. I understand wanting them available for as long as possible.

I have new neighbors next door. I noticed they put up a pool this past weekend. They have kids, so I thought that was a good idea. We've been teased with some nice weather, so optimistic thinking of more summer type temperatures is welcomed. Plus, the family has been cooped up all winter. As soon as the weather turns, they are all set to go and the children will have a physical activity.

Yesterday, when I got some from work, the kids were in the pool. It was like they were in the middle of the July heat. I  was taken off guard because I didn't expect that. I looked down at the outside temperature in my car. The gauge read 53 degrees.

I don't care who you are, that's too cold to be swimming, even with a heater. I've done the Polar Plunge and you couldn't pay me to get into an outdoor pool right now.

It didn't seem to bother them at all. I guess it gives them something to do while they're stuck at home.

What's the coldest you'll go swimming?

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