In the 1970's The Big Wheel was released and it literally left a mark on my childhood.

Photo - Captain Jack
Photo - Captain Jack

Rumor has it I tried to chase a squirrel up a tree once, enjoyed building jumps, and utilized that ultra important rear brake handle to try and spin myself in circles.

The Big Wheel was an amazing toy. You could go as fast as you want, and shoes weren't really even required. Apparently I great polka dot hat was.

Double T and I took a trip down memory lane today telling Big Wheel and Green Machine stories. Apparently Double T broke several of these as a child, good job man.

So the question was, where in Rockford can you go for a great Big Wheel ride? Here are Three of our suggestions:

  • Rock Cut State Park - the winding trails are ridiculous out there.
  • Rock River Recreational Path - Keep an eye out for the jumping three eyed fish in the Rock River.
  • Sinnissippi Park - Ride down to The Symbol, a nice smooth trail for the kids to catch some serious speed.

Here is the original 1975 Big Wheel TV Commercial.



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