I remember the weekend like it was yesterday. But it wasn't yesterday, it was 1983. My aunt and uncle were having a garage sale and my mom was heading over to help them out. How nice. What wasn't nice is that she also packed up my Mad Magazines that I collected since I was eight years old, my baseball cards and my KISS albums. Yes, my KISS albums. What the hell, Ma?!?

Now I spend weekends checking out Toad Hall to replace my old Mad Magazines and books. I am especially a fan of Al Jaffee. He is the man who created the back cover fold-ins in Mad and my favorite, the Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions books.

What baseball cards did Mom sell on me? Ooohhhhhhh, only Johnny Bench, Thurman Munson, Willie Stargell, Steve Garvey, Carlton Fisk, Steve Carlton, Reggie Jackson and many other players from my childhood.

As a Private in the KISS Army I had all of those albums. I loved the covers of Rock and Roll Over and Hotter Than Hell. I would sing the title track from the latter album and Mom would make me sing "Hotter Than Heck."

How much dough did I score for my childhood? I think twenty to twenty-five bucks. It certainly is Cold Gin time again.

Listen all week to win tickets to see KISS/Def Leppard! When we play the two bands back-to-back (either order), caller ten scores a pair of tickets. Brizz has tickets to the August 15 Alpine Valley show and Lori will have tickets for the August 16 show at the First Midwest Bank Amphitheater.

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