For this episode of Things Double T Has Never Done In Rockford, I head down to the Rockford Art Museum to check out their current exhibit called Misfits.

I've lived and worked in this area for almost twenty-five years, but there are still things I've haven't experienced. With the help of my from Andre from the Rockford Area Convention and Visitors Bureau, one-by-one I'm checking off items on my "Rockford Bucket List" with my video series called "Things Double T Has Never Done In Rockford."

During this episode, I visited the Rockford Art Museum. It's an amazing place. We are so lucky to have it here. The main focus on this adventure was their current temporary exhibit called "Misfits" which features 1960's biker subculture through photographs, literature, film, and art.

Video: Things Double T Has Never Done In Rockford: Visiting The Misfits Exhibit At Rockford Art Museum

The collection they assembled is incredible. This is a must-see presentation. Especially if you enjoy motorcycles, bikers, the bike culture, 1960's, and have a sense of rebellion.

The majority of the "Misfits" exhibit is Rockford based but also includes Chicago, Illinois, Wisconsin, and the Midwest. You can see first hand Rockford's impact on the motorcycle scene of that era.

There is an awesome photograph collection from Danny Lyons, custom built coppers created by Rockford bike builders, the writings and an interview with Hunter S. Thompson, showing of the movie "Easy Rider," a full-scale bike workshop, and so much more.

They have a couple of special events coming up. On January 16th 6pm-8pm, check out the "Moto Patch Workshop," where you can create your own jacket patch. On January 19th 10am-11am, join "Coffee with the Curator" for a behind the scenes look.

"Misfits" is running now until January 28th. The museum is open 10am-5pm every day.

Do yourself a favor and go check it out. You won't be disappointed.

Special thanks to Carrie Johnson, Curator from Rockford Art Museum, for having me out.

Double T, Carrie from RAM, and Andrea from RACVB
Double T, Carrie from RAM, and Andrea from RACVB

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