Over the weekend a "story" broke that Motley Crue is coming back.

Ethan Miller, Getty Images
Ethan Miller, Getty Images

As the story goes, Motley Crue retired, and swore they would never return. They put more work into their "Hey look everyone we are retiring" than they did some of their albums (Generation Swine).

News broke, truly CNN worthy news that Motley Crue is planning a comeback tour in 2018. To which the "ringmaster" of Motley Crue said the following:

"I wish the press had more credibility and wouldn't sh*t on fans' feelings... Anything to get someone to click on their website so they can sell advertising... SAD… The press is supposed to report the news, not make up gossip or spread it...."
 Face it kids, Motley is done like a lot of things in Rockford. Sadly, some things just end even though we don't want them to.
Rockford has changed over time and there have been some great locations and events "retire".  Here are "Five Things in Rockford That Should Come Back".
  • On The Waterfront - The city branded itself on this festival
  • Media Play - I could walk around for hours
  • The Clock Tower Resort - Movies, comedy, stores, food
  • Davis Park Concerts - Besides OTW, there were great concerts that are no more
  • LT's - Seriously, those wings were amazing



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