In Rockford,  this is the most inspirational decoration from a restroom in a bar.

Bar Restrooms

If you are out at a bar with some friends, eventually you are going to have to use the restroom. The only problem is each location is a crapshoot. You really do not what you are going to run into. It could be over-the-top nice or just plain scary.

Luckily, most of the places I have visited in the Rockford area, their restrooms are not perfect but at least decent. You will not have a problem using it.

Different Styles

No matter what, no two are alike so every time is a new experience. Most of them are pretty consistent but there are extremes.

I think the coolest bar restroom of all time was the old Kryptonite Bar in downtown Rockford. There were a lot of funky lights. On the other hand, the downstairs one at the former Hard Times was downright frightening.


The way the bar restroom is decorated pretty much goes along with how well it is maintained. A dumpy one will probably have holes in the wall, graffiti in the stalls, and handwritten signs hanging up promoting drink specials.

I have been to sports bars in Chicago that have TVs in the bathroom so you do not miss any of the game. Cool memorable from local teams are usually impressive. I will never complain about the newspaper sports section hanging up on a bulletin board so you can read while you go.


A couple of weeks ago, I went up with a friend at Stumpy's on Harrison Ave in Rockford. Of course, I had to use the restroom. The urinal was taken so I went into the stall. What I witnessed was pure inspiration.

Hanging on the wall is a photo of the troughs in the men's bathrooms at Wrigley Field. Your first Cubs game as a little boy is truly the scariest experience in a public restroom. If you do not know what I am talking about, check out the picture.

Photo of Wrigley Field Men's Restroom Troughs
Photo of Wrigley Field Men's Restroom Troughs

Take a good look at that photo. Now, imagine it full of drunk Cubbies fans. Sorry, if you have nightmares.


I know what you are thinking. Why is this strange decoration so inspirational? Well, I think it makes you appreciate what you have. At least you are not there. Plus, it inspires you to go faster because you definitely want to get far away from the memory.

I think it is okay to be impressed with it because it is a funny thing to hang up in a stall. I wonder if they planned it that way.

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