A 78 year old woman was hoarding cats in her Monroe, Wisc home...my eyes are watering just reading this.

Cat sitting in a cardboard box in Ngwe Saung in Myanmar

The true definition of a "crazy cat lady" can be found in the little town of Monroe, Wisconsin.

According to WKOW cops were called to the elderly woman's home because it smelled. When police arrived they found 55 cats that were alive, and 5 that were dead.

Delores Marti claims she wasn't hoarding cats, and that she is a loving and caring soul that was taking care of them. That would explain the 5 dead ones.

This isn't the first time that the law has paid a visit to Delores, in 2012 and 2013 authorities were called because of the amount of cats she was "caring" for.

I have horrible cat allergies, the sneezes never stop. I plan on going to Cheese Days up in Monroe this year, I wonder if I should take allergy meds before I go?


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