I climbed into the Twilight Zone Saturday afternoon, and traveled to Cheese Days.


Every two years the historic square in downtown Monroe, Wisconsin becomes the land of beer and cheese curds.

In case you don't know about Cheese Days, it is an epic 3-day celebration of cheese in Wisconsin's Green County. Entertainment, cheese, beer, cheese, contests, cheese, a parade, and cheese.

I ran into a handful of friends, a few Eagle listeners, and lots of people in bizarre outfits dancing in the streets.

There was a line for cheese curds tickets, a line for cheese curds, and express lines for beer.

Men dressed like women, women that could be men, and did I mention lots of cheese. One thing I will take away from my Cheese Day's experience, is that every single person i encountered was polite. Tons of smiles, how are you, are you having a good time, etc. That made it all worth it.

Here are my photo's from Cheese Days 2016.




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