Driving through downtown Roscoe this morning, I glanced over at the sign in front of the Harlem- Roscoe Fire Protection District. It's Monday, weekend was a great one filled with firsts and lasts, but it's a Monday.

The thoughts start right away, o.k. what do I need to do right away today? Are there any pressing issues this week that need to be addresses? Do I need anything from the store right away, today?

The most important thing (as hard as it can be at times) is to remember to smile, and start a new week the right way. If you are carrying any sort of drama or bad vibes from your weekend, leave them there and start the week off right.

Even though the passing of Frankie Banali started the weekend, the rest of it was pretty great. For the record...Frankie battled hard, and no longer has to be that tough guy. Have fun again with your best friend Kevin. RIP, Frankie.

So that brings me to the sign out front of the Harlem-Roscoe Fire Department. Just as I'm turning the corner and collecting my thoughts for the day I see this:


Happy Monday, Eagle listeners. Yes, please do this. Thank you Harlem-Roscoe Fire, can't wait to see a different inspirational quote next Monday.

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