We've all seen brawls in baseball, but never quite like this.

During a Can-Am League game between the Rockland Boulders and the New Jersey Jackals last week, Jackals pitcher Fernando Cruz flew out of his dugout in the middle of an at-bat and ran to the Boulders' dugout so he could start fighting an opposing player.

You just never see that. Teammates restrained Cruz, who remained intent on letting his fists do the talking. He continued to throw down words to the other team as he was being led off of the field, too.

Brawls usually start when a pitcher hits a batter (but not always), but it's rare to see someone not in the game run onto the field of play and try to engage in a donnybrook. Cruz wound up looking like a psycho, but, hey at least he's thinking outside of the (batter's) box, right? His method of fighting could be the greatest innovation in baseball since the defensive shift.

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