The current "high inflation" across the country has impacted the economy in different ways. One of the these ways is by making minimum wage go up in 13 states, 30 different cities across the country....Including Illinois. CNN 

23 different states will reach the $15 an hour mark for minimum wage. Also "cost of living changes" will be changed in states across the country. These different increases account for more than $5 billion in pay boosts for 8.4 million workers across the USA.

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The summer 2022 inflation-high was a 40 year high which left thousands of families struggling, with the prices of everything rocketing up. So because of the struggle and the families in need, the increase in minimum wage happens in 13 different states.

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The pandemic and what that did to the country as well, plays a part in this. But changes in the countries economy was on a dangerous path prior to the pandemic.

"The fact that there's high inflation really just underscores how necessary these minimum wage increases are for workers, even before the pandemic, there was no county in the United States where you could affordably live as a single adult at $15 an hour."  Sebastian Martinez Hickey, a research assistant at the EPI

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Here are a handful of states across the country that will have minimum wage going up as of Jan 1st:

  • Delaware: $10.50 to $11.75
  • Illinois: $12 to $13
  • Maryland: $12.50 to $13.25
  • Massachusetts: $14.25 to $15
  • Michigan: $9.87 to $10.10
  • Missouri: $11.15 to $12
  • Nebraska: $9 to $10.50
  • New Jersey: $13 to $14.13

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