There are rumors that Mike Tyson wants to fight again because he's in shape again.

Back in the day for my friends and I, a Mike Tyson fight wasn't just another boxing match, it was an event. We made it a party.

Whenever Tyson would box, we would all chip in to buy the pay-per-view. Throw in some beer with pizza and that's what I call a guy's night.

We didn't even care if he knocked out his opponent right away. That's how much we were into it.

Then Iron Mike lost it. He was biting off ears and getting his butt kicked. As fast as it happened, it was all over.

The last we heard of the former champ, he was running a pot farm in California and appearing in the Hangover movies. Long past his tough-guy days. He's still entertaining but just in a different way.

You can tell by these film scenes, he was far from his fighting days.

Video: The Hangover Mike Tyson Scenes

Apparently, things have changed.

According to,

"Mike Tyson is officially back. For the past few weeks, the 53-year-old has been teasing a boxing comeback and it seems like he’s ready to make his way to a ring near you. Tyson talked about how he’s getting the boxing itch and that’s ready to go war again for charity."

Twitter page...

I'm not going to lie, I would love a Mike Tyson come back. Especially, if it's for charity. I always wanted to see him box in person.

There's more to this story.

He already has an offer on the table.

According to,

"Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship President David Feldman has made Tyson a guaranteed $20 million offer to fight."

I'm sure that's not the only potential landing spot for Mike.

The next question is, "who would he fight?" How about this for an answer?

According to,

"HOLYFIELD-TYSON III COULD ACTUALLY HAPPEN!!! Evander tells TMZ Sports he's down to run it back again with Iron Mike."Now, that's what I'm talking about. I'm all in for Tyson vs Holyfield for charity. Let's just say, you had me at hello.

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