The struggle is real. Kalamazoo meteorologist Randi Burns had a hard time filming her weather report yesterday. I have been there, not necessarily giving a weather report, just talking in general on the air. It happens. It happens to Chris Monroe A LOT.

Randi works at WWMT in West Michigan. In this clip she was attempting to talk about all of the flooding there. As you will see and hear, the words were just not coming together for her. Again, been there (especially after a few tequilas).

I love the part where she is trying to say 'Thornapple River'. I remember always having a hard time on the air saying the band name 'Nazareth', I still do. Chris Monroe can barely say Banana 101.5 without messing up. Wah Wah.

A big shout out to Randi for posting this and showing us all what we should already know, no one is perfect.

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