It's been a while since we heard the names Kevin McCarthy, Johnny Walker and Kim Lepak on 96.7 The Eagle...Well the wait is over, as we present the "96.7 The Eagle Virtual 500" on Memorial Day Weekend.

The Eagle staff has put together a list of the best 500 Classic Rock songs, and Memorial Day Weekend we allow you to play along at home and hear ALL 500!

You will hear the names and the song selections of all the Eagle jocks. Why does Johnny Walker have Deep Purple in his group and not Bon Jovi? Does Kevin McCarthy really think Aerosmith ranks higher than ZZ TOP?

You can play along with the 96.7 The Eagle Virtual 500 "Bingo Card" coming soon the the Eagle Facebook. Make "pit stops" according to your own needs, use the radio, the app, or listen online, put most of all....rock out with The Eagle all Memorial Day Weekend long!

500 Songs. One weekend. The gang back together. Get ready Eagle listeners, the "Virtual 500" is coming!



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