Brewing beer together helps members of this Wisconsin church to bond.

Growing up, my family and I went to church every Sunday and attended many events at the parish. I noticed sometimes it was hard to get all the members to be involved. I'm sure it's even more difficult nowadays with so many more distracts.

The key is finding activities to grab people's interests. I think this church in Elkhorn, Wisconsin has come up with a great plan.

According to,

"The First Congregational United Church of Christ has bet on beer for fun and fellowship. Barley Ministries Brewing brews regularly in the church basement. Pastor Scott McLeod, a homebrewer, blessed the concept he both helps with the brewing and lets the group brew in the church. So far, no one in the congregation, about 50 families, has complained about the unusual ministry. But the inverse is also true."

The beer hasn't recruited any new members but it has gotten the currents one to be more involved. I think it's an excellent idea.

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