To become a member of any of these clubs in Illinois, you have to collect and drive hearses.

The best way to describe this different type of club is "one person's fear is another person's passion." The car people I know, love their vehicles. For some, the stranger, the better. I would definitely call this type of collecting unique.

According to,

"Illinois has had Grim Rides Chicago, and the former Las Ryd’s Hearse Club once had 600 members worldwide. Wisconsin has had the Grave Sights Hearse Club of Kenosha."

"There's the Hardcore Hearse Club which boasts 85 members throughout the region, collectively owns 150 hearses and bills itself as “the most loved AND the most hated hearse club in Illinois” and was formed as a reaction to all those uptight, boring hearse clubs out there."

Hearse owners also have their vehicles hired out quite a bit.

"Should you own a hearse and it’s October, you might find yourself in demand: This month, members of Hardcore Hearse have loaned their rides (sometimes for free, sometimes for a fee) to Halloween parades and haunted houses and even a 50th birthday party. They have also lent their hearses to retirement parties, rap videos, proms, weddings, going-out-of-business sales and, every now and then, actual funerals."

Why a hearse?

"Ask the owner of a hearse why they own a hearse, and responses are often prosaic and practical, followed by a memory of their inexplicable desire, despite the stony faces of friends and family who just don’t understand the forbidden love."

It sounds like an interesting hobby.

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