I saw this video and just thought it was too cool not to share. As someone who has quite a few tattoos, I love seeing stories like this. Tattoo acceptance has come along way, even since the time I got my first one 20 years ago. I'd love to run into this woman my next time on the "L" in Chicago.

Meet Helen Lambin, a 84 year-old Edgewater resident. When facing her 75th birthday, she decided to get a gift unlike most her age would. She went out and got herself a tattoo, her first. Now she has well over fifty, with no plans on stopping. She like most who are covered in ink, find it therapeutic. Helen also feels, like most with ink, it expresses who she is.

Since she started getting her tattoos, she's always gone to Dave McNair and Chicago Tattoo Co.. McNair has been slinging ink at  the Chicago Tattoo Co.  since 1987. The pair have a process that works for them. She comes up with the idea and together they create a cohesive design.

Lambin says the pain of getting the tattoos is minimal and well worth it. So is the cost. Helen says, she also has no regrets! She also says is cheaper than the smoking habit she gave up years ago.

I'm putting the link to the same video I watched to get introduced to this unique individual! Watch it now on WTTW Chicago Tonight.


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